What Is a Marketing Funnel

The marketing Funnel Business Model is probably the most reliable company design on the Internet today, when it come to obtaining individuals to spend ever-increasing amounts of loan on autopilot, over and also over once again. It is the large picture-marketing strategy and is frequently referred to; as “The Million […]

Interim Management

More and more Swiss companies rely on interim managers. Demand rises with their level of awareness. Interim management is clearly a growth market. But what exactly does the term “interim management” mean? How do interim managers work and what benefits do they bring to a company? These and other questions […]

Business Trip Travel Hacks

Crumpled shirts or blouses, empty laptop batteries, jet lag and overpriced snacks at the airport: Those who travel for business cannot afford breakdowns and stress. Preparation is everything. So-called travel hacks make the business trip easier. We give you the best tips for your business trip. Damt are meant small […]

Setting-up a Business

After you have written the business plan as a business starter, the practical steps of setting up a company follow. It is a matter of founding the company and registering it correctly at all relevant points. This also includes questions about employees, brand protection, insurance, and so on… In order […]