Bathtub-To-Shower Conversions

Bathtub-To-Shower Conversions

Transforming a bathtub to a shower is coming to be ever more prominent. For many people, it’s much easier to step into as well as out of a shower than a bathtub. A shower likewise provides the opportunity to have a seat while bathing. Many individuals locate resting to shower much safer, much comfier, as well as more convenient.

What’s involved in turning a tub right into a shower? First, you’ll require a qualified General Contractor who knows what they’re doing and also has great deals of hands-on experience! Right here are some other products to think about:

This job requires plans and licenses. The job will certainly involve excavation (when transforming over a concrete foundation), plumbing, framework, concrete, hot mop, insulation, drywall, cement lath as well as plaster, floor tile, electrical, as well as paint.

Bathtubs and tub/shower combinations have a 1-1/2″ drain. Showers call for a 2″ drainpipe to handle the added water. Therefore, the entire size of the 1-1/2″ tub drain will need to be eliminated as well as changed with a 2″ drainpipe. The drain will certainly additionally need to be rearranged. Bathtub drains are located at the front of the tub. Shower drains pipes are in the middle. The initiative to do this largely depends on 3 aspects: (a) flooring – concrete or wood framing (b) range the 2″ drainpipe will require to take a trip and also link to another 2″ or 3″ drain (c) The number and kind of plumbing components already on the line you’re attaching to and the number of turns and also flexes to get there.

Tile or 1 item fiberglass shower? Constantly select a full-floor tile shower. A fiberglass unit usually has a 1 year or much less guarantee, leakage soon thereafter (it’s usually a small leakage that continues to be unnoticed for several years – till the damage becomes excellent and expensive … think mold as well as completely dry rot), and also is much less secure as well as sturdy. The majority do not have seats as well as the ones that do, are created for a person 5 years of age or less! Tiled flooring is also much safer and considerably decreases the chances of a slip and also drop injury (supplied you make use of the right tile!).

For ceilings 8′ in elevation and also much less, floor tile all the way to the ceiling. See to it you also tile the flooring outside the shower. Carpeting is the most awful and plastic is a close second. These just motivate potentially harmful and destructive mold and mildew, mildew, germs, as well as rot. Use tile as the wall. Never ever use wood or MDF kind walls outside any damp location. Ensure to include at least two 16″ tall shampoo cubbies (I call this the “Costco Size”) that can be easily gotten to when sitting or standing. Do not neglect the soap meal!

Ensure the Plumbing mounts the showerhead at a 6′ 6″ minimum. Standard shower elevations put the showerhead in your chest! Not extremely helpful for cleaning anything above that. It’s finest to mount a flexible hand shower on a post. This permits you to raise and reduce the showerhead for different elevations, sit and clean on your own, cut your legs far more pleasantly, as well as tidy your shower walls easily. There are 60″ and 72″ pipes. Make sure you select the correct size. It needs to conveniently reach where the seat is located and allow for simple placing when washing your body when seated.

Set up a devoted GFCI protected LED light over the shower. You’ll love the straight light it supplies, specifically when cutting your legs as well as when your vision begins to discolor.

Set up an extremely quiet exhaust follower that moves a minimum of 110 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air. Do not vent it directly into the attic! You do, and you’re in for some pleased termites and also very pricey termites and also mold and mildew damages to your residence. It should air vent directly outdoors. Use just fans with a 4″ duct minimum. You ought to likewise make use of a Humidistat as the follower control. You can hire a 24/7 plumbing service if you have difficulties with the installation process.

Make use of a solidified glass room. The clear glass keeps the space looking huge as well as enables you to enjoy your gorgeous brand-new shower. Constantly utilize a minimum of 5/16″ thick toughened up glass – the most effective as well as most safe is 3/8″ thick toughened up the glass. Never ever use 3/16″ or 1/4″ glass – it’s not strong enough and also can quickly smash. Always pay extra and also have a manufacturing facility that uses a glass sealer set up to the shower side of the glass. Glass is extremely porous. That’s why you can not get the beyond your home windows or old glass enclosure tidy. The “permeable” is microscopic craters in the glass that lime, calcium, soap, shampoo, dirt, etc enter. As soon as in, you can’t obtain the glass tidy as well as it gets that discolored and run-down look.