Easy Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss

Here are some not very sparkling facts about light sodas:

Because of the sweet taste, your body expects sugar and starts making insulin (source). Insulin is the fat storage hormone. It is in particular it makes you store fat in the stomach.

A 14-year study showed that the risk of diabetes increases more with diet sodas than with conventional sugar sodas.

The same study showed that daily consumption of light sodas at the rate of one glass per day increases the risk of diabetes by 33%.

Another study associated daily consumption of light sodas with a 67% increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes.

According to one study, women who drink light soda drink twice as much soda as women who drink classic sugar soda. This is because artificial sweeteners are addictive.

In a study in rats, the consequences of consuming artificial sweeteners were as follows: rats ate more, their metabolism was slower and their body fat levels increased by 14%, even though they consumed fewer calories.

About 80% of supermarket products contain sugar, sometimes hidden behind one of its pseudonyms.

Indeed, sugar strangely has many pseudonyms. Most end in “dare” or contain the term “syrup”.

In my opinion, these pseudonyms only serve to confuse consumers. This is based on two effective techniques:

If the consumer does not recognize the pseudonym, he concludes that the product does not contain sugar.

Manufacturers are required to indicate the main ingredients of their products at the beginning of the list. If manufacturers divide sugar into several names, it is much easier for them to list them lower on the list, which will lead the consumer to conclude that the sugar content of the product is low.

All these techniques fall under the notion of “clean labelling” which does not consist in improving products, but in presenting them in a better (or rather, less bad) light, not very representative of reality.

Tip Summary: How to lose weight quickly if you consume a ton of sugar without your knowledge? Always read the list of product ingredients and detect sugars hidden behind pseudonyms.

Quick Lose Weight Tip: Limit Carbohydrates

Western man eats far too many carbohydrates. When we compare our current regime with that of hunter-gatherer societies, we realize how far we have gone.

In a study conducted in 2000, scientists revealed the average amount of carbohydrate eaten by hunter-gatherer companies (source). If we compare this data with our modern diet, it gives this:

We should consume much less carbohydrates and replace them with healthy fats and proteins.

Tip Summary: Return to the amounts of carbohydrates our ancestors consumed through a low-carbohydrate diet.

Quick Lose Weight Tip: Eat More Fibre

I have already briefly mentioned important things to consider when buying a weight loss supplement, pointing out that it is not present in fruit juices. These also contain a lot of sugar.

A combination that guarantees you high blood sugar peaks. Consuming fruit juices leads to high insulin production, which promotes fat storage.

Adding fibre to your diet will reduce this effect. Fibre is found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, chocolate, cereals and beans.

In addition, the fibres fill up more quickly and therefore make you eat less (source). This is because the fibres make your stomach empty more slowly (source).

It is therefore recommended to consume one of the products listed at each meal. The best option is to eat a (small) salad with each meal. You can of course add some nuts, fruits, beans, etc.

Psychological Tip: Put a mirror in your kitchen

Research shows that having a mirror in your kitchen reduces the amount of unhealthy food you eat by 32% (source).

Psychological Tip: Put foods to avoid out of reach

Research shows that placing foods to avoid out of reach greatly reduces the risk of eating them. There are two reasons for this:

It takes about 20 seconds to wonder, “Do I really need it? ».

“Out of sight, out of mind”: for example, keeping candy in a clear jar leads to opening the jar 71% more often and eating 77 calories more per day than when the jar is opaque.

So put the tempting foods in a high and hard to reach place in the kitchen or somewhere at the bottom of the cellar.

To lose weight quickly and easily, another idea is simply not to buy foods you want to avoid… So, no risk of being tempted!


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