What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS Hosting

If you have decided to create a website for your company or write a blog about travel, fashion, cooking, or any other topic, sooner or later you will start hearing that you need hosting to host it.

When I talked about how to create a blog from 0 we already saw that choosing a hosting is one of the previous steps to be able to publish it, the same happens with a website for your business or company.

And although it may sound technical, do not worry, because in this article I explain what is hosting, what types of hosting exist and what is the safest and most reliable option so you can choose without problems.

What is hosting?

Basically, hosting is the place where our website is going to be hosted, that is why on many occasions instead of using the English term hosting it is called web hosting.

What you do when you hire a hosting service is to rent a space within a server, physical or virtual, and in it are stored all the files and data of your website or blog to function properly.

Think of it like the hard drive of your computer, where you store all your files and when you want to access one, you look for the folder where it is and you have it. The hosting is like that hard drive, except that the access is through the internet so that anyone who visits your website or blog can access the content.

What is hosting or web hosting for?

As we have just seen, without hosting or web hosting, your content cannot be visited and will not be accessible online. There is no point in writing useful, complete, and informative content if people cannot access them.

Therefore, if you want to have a website or a blog you need hosting. Thanks to it your content will be on the Internet and can be visited and consulted by any user at any time.

The hosting hosts all the content of your web or blog, texts, images, files, and databases.

Types of hostings and characteristics

There are different types of hosting and each one has certain characteristics that make it more suitable for certain projects. In addition, each type of hosting, due to its characteristics, is more or less secure and the price of the service varies.

These are the most popular types of hosting:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is hosted on a physical server that you share with other clients of the site hosting company. In addition to sharing server space, you also share resources such as memory or operating system. This means that if there is a traffic spike on a website that is hosted on the same server as you, it can affect your page load times.

This is usually the most chosen option for starters or for small businesses and bloggers. The reason is its price is cheaper since you share space with other businesses.

Virtual Private Hosting (VPS)

In a VPS hosting the server is not physical, but virtual, it is in the cloud. And although it is a shared server, you have your own space or partition separated from the rest of the clients. This means that you have your own resources and memory reserved while being separated from other users in terms of the operating system as well.

VPS hosting is a great option for medium-sized businesses or a blog with a fast-growing traffic forecast.