What tools enhance spirituality?

What tools enhance spirituality?

Spirituality & Yoga. The subconscious mind has powerful powers that use spirituality and physic meditation to promote self-confidence and strengthen the process of self-discovery. This part of the psyche has a fundamental influence on our thinking, feeling and acting. Experienced soul coaches, for example, work with affirmation to transform negative thought patterns into positive ones and to identify new opportunities for the development of spirituality. The realization of true inner nature is the prerequisite for attaining enlightenment.

Empathic life consultants help the soul to free itself from

Disappointments, sorrows and fears. A spiritual astrologer creates horoscopes and character analyses dedicated to the spiritual-soul path of life. To communicate with the higher spheres, a psychic channeling medium uses esoteric methods and aids such as a crystal ball, palm reading or tarot cards. Would you like to live spiritually and feel carefree lightness? Experts for Aura-Cleaning help you with despair, loneliness and disorientation in a loving way with the strong energies of angels and guardian angels. A spiritual life counselling can support you with these questions:

  • How do I gain clarity about my wishes?
  • How do I recognize my deep-seated desires?
  • What brings me fulfillment in my profession?
  • What do I need for spiritual awakening?
  • What is the meaning of my special life situation?
  • What symbols are used in the context of spirituality?

A higher consciousness through spiritual awakening is an experiential process with impulses and ideas for deep inner change. In order to reach the state of consciousness more easily, powerful symbols are used in the context of spirituality. In many Eastern cultures the lotus flower stands for enlightenment and the Third Eye. Another elementary symbol is the flower of life. It is the sign for the sacred geometry, the creation pattern and represents the fundamental space-time structure. The Om-sign is a symbol for the divine principle and the Trinity. The universal vibration of the Om-symbol is often used for a spiritual journey to strengthen perceptible transcendence. Are you the leader or the mediator? The nine-pointed enneagram is a well-known esoteric symbol for type research.

How does a free spiritual counseling session work?

Every person has an individual personality Use your personal free talk now! and can experience yourself through the higher consciousness as an undivided part of the universal whole. Would you like to experience an exciting spiritual journey? Discover how you can live spiritually? Sensitive life counsellors offer you knowing life help on your spiritual path.

New viversum customers can secure a 15-minute free conversation in the area of spirituality by registering without any obligation. Do you need answers in case of separation or heartache? Would you like to learn more about the concept of mindfulness? Select your preferred consulting method such as meditation, astrology, clairvoyance or interpretation of the future from the Consultant Pool.

In the job profiles you will find all information on training, experience and qualifications. You can contact your desired counselor directly on the free 0800 phone number and conduct a 15-minute undisturbed spiritual life consultation on the phone. The free initial consultation helps you to find out whether you like the telephone or chat consultant and whether the advisory service is convincing. You will receive advice on spiritual awakening, enlightenment and profound help in life in all areas from your profession to self-discovery. The methodical approaches of spirituality illuminate abilities such as inspiration or mindfulness and lead you to personal development in other dimensions of meaning.

Would you like to learn more about spirituality and its passion? Then call one of our consultants and use your free initial consultation. “To the consultant selection

Tarot – what’s that?

Tarot day tickets have been used for centuries. The term Tarot comes from the French and describes a card game, which was not only used for parlour and gambling games, but primarily for fortune-telling.

In 1781, historical documents for the first time contained references to an esoteric use. The Tarot consists mostly of a 78-leaf card set, which is divided into the 22 large and the 56 small arcana (lat. arcanum = secret). The latter are grouped into four groups of 14 cards each, each group being assigned to one of the four elements air, fire, water and earth.

The so-called sword cards, on which daggers and knives are depicted, are assigned to the element air and symbolize the mind and the thoughts.

The branches and sticks on the staff cards represent the element fire and describe the energy and willpower of a human being.

The chalice cards with the bowls are assigned to the element water and stand for everything that has to do with emotions and one’s own instinct.

The disc-like motifs on the coin cards in turn mark the element earth and represent everything material and concrete.


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