Business Trip Travel Hacks

Business Trip Travel Hacks

Crumpled shirts or blouses, empty laptop batteries, jet lag and overpriced snacks at the airport: Those who travel for business cannot afford breakdowns and stress. Preparation is everything. So-called travel hacks make the business trip easier. We give you the best tips for your business trip.

Damt are meant small resourceful life tricks , which refer to strategies and imponderabilities in the life. Folding the fitted sheet instead of crumpling it, repairing the broken shoelaces on the sneakers, optimizing the home tools: There are life hacks for almost every situation in life. The same applies to (almost) every situation on a business trip – except that the clever tricks carry the name Travel-Hacks.

Travel hack #1: No loss of energy!

The advantage of driving a train on a business trip? You can use the travel time wonderfully to work. But what to do when the battery is running low? While it is customary abroad, for example in Italy, for (almost) all trains to have sockets, Deutsche Bahn is still weakening properly in this respect. At least in the ICE there are sockets in the 2nd class in the middle, in the 1st class at every seat.

In regional trains and in the Intercity it looks already completely differently. Highest with the seating groups with table you find a plug socket. In this respect, always take portable batteries – whether battery packs or Powerbanks – with you. They help you over the energy distance and, thanks to USB cables, are compatible with any device. You can find more helpful technology gadgets for your journey here.

Travel Hack #2: Scan travel documents

Passport, booking confirmation and schedules: Scan all your documents before your departure and save them on your smartphone or tablet. If you want to be on the safe side, send the documents again by e-mail. This makes it easier for you in the event of theft or loss. Or you can simply have all documents implanted under your skin – with the help of NFC chips. Find out more.

Travel-Hack #3: Pack correctly

As a frequent traveller you can’t fool yourself with anything when it comes to packing suitcases? You can! Because there are real suitcase professionals who show their skills on Youtube in entertaining instructional videos and often even give very helpful tips.

BreuningerFashionTV explains how to get shirts and jackets to their destination safely and wrinkle-free. If the suit is wrinkled after arrival despite careful packaging, the following trick helps: hang it in the shower and turn on the hot water for a while. The steam smoothes the wrinkles. Shoetrees and space are again saved by putting the socks in the shoes. You can learn this in the extensive animation by the professionals at Heathrow Airport.

Travel-Hack #4: A second travel accessory bag

If you travel a lot, you should buy your necessary cosmetics and care products such as toothpaste, aftershave, moisturiser or nail scissors twice and always have a packed travel bag packed in your suitcase. So when you leave, you don’t have to gather it all again every time. Most products are also available for hand luggage in travel size.

Travel-Hack #5: Fast through security checks

For frequent travellers, the queue at the security checkpoint is probably the most annoying. That’s how you get through quickly:

Even when it is warm, wear a (light) jacket to store all the small things (keys, purses, etc.).
Slippers are the best choice for longer flights. This is not only good for your feet, but also saves time at the security checkpoint. You can then put on the fine Budapest slippers on arrival.
Stand by in the queue and put the items in the plastic bowls in the order you dress after passing through the checkpoint. Only at the end do bags or trolleys arrive.
Leave the security zone as soon as possible, so that it goes as fast for subsequent business people as it does for you.

Travel-Hack #6: Colourful luggage

For a business trip, it’s actually not appropriate to carry a brightly coloured suitcase with you. However, marking your own luggage has the advantage that you don’t have to struggle to pick out the black or anthracite suitcase between all the other black and anthracite suitcases. A colourful belt or cloth is enough to quickly remove the suitcase and leave the airport all the more quickly.

Also try this trick: attach a “Fragile” sticker to the case. If the staff at the airport is alert, they will place your suitcase on top of all other pieces of baggage, which will be the first to land on the conveyor belt. It’s worth a try.

Travel-Hack #7: Check out the airport with Google

For some time now, Google Street View has been offering the option of checking out terminals at numerous airports in advance via a virtual tour. This can be useful if you have to make a quick change or keep to appointments. So far, 16 airports in Europe, Asia and America can be visited virtually. Examples include Mexico City, Eindhoven, Alicante and Tenerife. There is no German airport yet.

Travel-Hack #8: Bring your own WLAN with you

In hotels the WLAN is often slow. However, if you have to work a lot on your laptop and need a fast connection, a WLAN pocket router is recommended. The devices are inexpensive and small, fit in hand luggage and can be connected to the stationary network, provided the appropriate cabling is available. Although the range is limited, it is probably not enough to reach the lobby. In the room, however, you can concentrate on your work.

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